Reasons Why You Always Forget to Drink Water and the Importance of Berkey Water Filter

 Reasons Why You Always Forget to Drink Water and the Importance of Berkey Water Filter

Drinking water is vital to human life. Without it, we will die. We shouldn’t be reminded to drink water since it’s something we all need to have. The problem is that most of us still forget to drink water. We don’t meet the daily requirements. If you’re one of these people, you have to change your habits. You can’t allow yourself to be dehydrated all the time. Understanding the reasons why you keep forgetting to drink water is an excellent start. Once you recognize the problem, you can do something to change. It might also help if you have a Berkey water filter. It offers access to clean drinking water whenever you need one.

You drink sweetened beverages

When your body is deficient in water, it will offer signals. Dry throat and mouth are among them. You might also feel like fainting, or you become disoriented. As soon as you receive these signals, you have to drink water. The problem is when you decide to drink sweetened or caffeinated beverages instead of plain water. Sure, they’re still useful in replenishing your body with fluids. However, they come with ingredients that could harm your body. If you intend to lose weight, drinking unhealthy beverages could set you back. The rule of thumb is that when you take these drinks, they don’t count. You might even need to take plain water after having coffee or soda.

You believe that eight glasses are enough

It’s a myth that your body needs eight glasses of water a day. There’s no scientific research that backs this theory up. It might be the standard amount that we know of, but it depends on your body. For some people, eight glasses are enough, while there’s a need for more for others. You have to know your body type before setting a daily goal. You can ask your doctor about it to have a definite response.

You’re too busy

When you’re too busy, you might forget to drink water. You have too many tasks to accomplish, and you keep going without even a glass. Since your mind is focused on getting these things done, you don’t care about not having enough water. If you know you will have a busy day, you should bring a water bottle with you wherever you go. When you have it next to you, it’s easy to remind yourself to drink. You should also tell yourself that when you have a lot on your plate, you also need to drink more water.

The exercise routines are too intense

If you hit the gym to achieve your fitness goals, you’re doing the right thing. The problem is when you keep exercising without having sufficient water. You might also get caught up with the routine because you want to achieve your goals. You also feel like a more intense exercise regimen will allow you to reach your desired body faster. Again, when you have to exert more effort to exercise, you need to drink more water.

It’s not accessible

When water isn’t accessible, you become too lazy. For instance, if you don’t have a water dispenser in the office, you decide not to drink water anymore. You would have to find the nearest store to get bottled water or look for a water refilling station elsewhere. The solution is to bring enough bottles with you to keep you going throughout the day. Keep these bottles under your desk or in the fridge. Don’t use the access as an excuse for not meeting your daily needs. In some parts of the world, it’s even more challenging to get access to clean drinking water, but these people manage to drink.

You don’t have clean tap water at home

It’s common for many areas around the world not to have clean tap water. It doesn’t mean you have to rely on bottled drinks all the time. You can still use tap water as long as you have a water filter. It helps clean your tap water and eliminate harmful toxins.

You’re stressed

Stress can affect you in many ways. It also makes you disoriented. You don’t know your priorities anymore. You forget to drink water because stress consumes you. There are even some instances when you feel like nothing matters anymore. When you don’t get enough water, you don’t care about it. Once you start to feel stressed out, you have to find a way to deal with it. Forgetting to drink water isn’t the only problem you might have to face. Stress can affect your mental health and prevent you from being happy. Before you get to that point, you have to seek help from mental health experts. Don’t be afraid to share how you feel and be honest about your emotions.

You eat watery foods

Some fruits and vegetables contain water, and some nutritionists believe that they already count. When you have soup for lunch, it also contains water. Although they help keep you hydrated, it’s best not to count them. Try to meet your daily needs using plain water only. These foods still contain nutrients, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Now that you always forget to drink water, it’s time to change your behavior. You can’t always forget what’s essential for your body. Some people end up with illnesses because they’re constantly dehydrated. In some places where there’s no access to clean drinking water, dehydration could be fatal. Our body needs water to remove toxins and allow various processes to take place. If you don’t drink water for three straight days, it could kill you. This fact should be enough to tell you that drinking water is important.

You might also want to remind yourself to drink water if you still keep forgetting it. Use your phone’s alarm to let you know that it’s time for another glass. Drop everything you do to drink water before you forget it.

Robert Desauza