When one is going through hair loss, we tend to weigh out the different options that are available to us varying from leading a healthy life to hair transplant techniques. With the advancement in technologies, there has been a great advancement in hair transplant technologies. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) has long been a popular hair transplant treatment, which is fast being replaced by newer technology and technique known as FUE hair transplant. We are here to help you decide which one is a better option for you.

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction:

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant, individual hair follicles are extracted from a thicker part of the patient’s head, usually either the sides or the back. These small units contain about 1 to 4 strands of hair each. They are then relocated and implanted into the recipient sites. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the scalp, which makes this minimally invasive procedure extremely comfortable. During the procedure, most patients either listen to music or nap through it. The recovery time is extremely short, you would need to take around 2-3 days off from work. The little scabs would heal within a week and there would be only a few activity restrictions that you need to take care of.

One of the best parts about the procedure is that the scarring is absolutely minimal. You could transfer about 500-2,500 follicles in one session and the procedure can be repeated more than once. FUE can help to fill in the scalp scars which have been there due to other surgeries or injuries. It is the leading hair restoration procedure today. The results of the procedure can be boosted with strategic treatment and aftercare. However, FUE is a bit expensive as it is a labour-intensive procedure.

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation:

FUT is an invasive hair transplant procedure. With the procedure comes a few more limitations and the recovery period is longer. In FUT, a strip of scalp is extracted from the donor area, which is then dissected under a stereomicroscope. Then these dissections are grafted as implants. This method is usually preferred when there is significant hair loss and further balding is not anticipated.

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In order to decide whether FUE or FUT is best suited for you, you will have to undergo a thorough examination. Which hair transplant to opt for depends upon the kind of hair loss that you have been going through and whether it will continue or not. Apart from these two treatments, there are both surgical and non-invasive procedures which are available that can help you tackle hair loss. The kind of treatment option to follow depends upon the hair loss and recommendation of your expert keeping your hair loss condition and causes in mind.


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