How Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore Shaped My Home

I’ve always wanted a modern home renovation in Singapore. Something appropriate to the times yet is classic and beloved by many interior design enthusiasts. I wanted something that spoke to me but had a great neutral look that I could appreciate. Something that could appeal to everyone but was unique in its own right. I didn’t know what I wanted until I worked with people from Starry Homestead.

Starry Homestead is an award-winning home designer based in Singapore and could help me get the interiors I wanted. My home was not very spacious, but it had just the right amount of space for me to get creative with it. I wanted something a little minimalist so I can get away with having rooms that look much larger than they are. My requests for a minimalist design is where they got the idea to model my home after Scandinavian interior design.

At first, I was confused. What was Scandinavian interior design? How would it help me fulfil my interior design needs and why should I use my home to decorate according to its principles? That’s when I did a little research and found out that Scandinavian interior design is one of the most popular interior design styles today. It’s considered one of the staples of modern interior design in SingaporeWith Scandinavian interior design, I can fulfil many of the needs I want to meet regarding the interior design of my home.

The qualities of Scandinavian interior design and why it helps my home

The Scandinavian interior design seeks to combine elements of clean minimalism (what I wanted) with the warm, woody tones in nature. I always thought minimalist designs were too cold and clinical, so it was a joy to see something that combined the best of minimalism with something warmer and whimsical. Scandinavian interior design in Singapore emphasises both organic and natural elements. It tries to create functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.

You can see these in motion when you switch to various rooms in my house! For example, in my kitchen, I make sure that the room feels as light and airy as possible, to bring out the natural vibes and feel of Scandinavian design. I do this via natural lighting in my kitchen and open living spaces. I also try to include as much greenery and plants in my rooms as possible to bring out the natural vibes of the environment.

Do not forget those whites and neutral colours! My space feels so much brighter when professional interior designers from Starry Homestead suggested the colour palette for my living room. Scandinavian interior design is much more subtle than most interior design styles, but they leave just as much of an impact. With Scandinavian interior design, you can get all this and more without completely changing the way your house looks.

Have you ever done house renovation in Singapore? With Starry Homestead, you can get the interiors of your dreams. Check out their website to know more about what kind of designs you can get.

Robert Desauza