How to choose Rugs?

 How to choose Rugs?

Area Rug is a basic décor element for interior designs to add floor artwork in your space. They are mostly added to give a complementary look to space with an extraordinary classy look. If you are thinking to make your home classy and bold then you should also consider the area rugs. Going to choose new area rugs? Most probably you got entangled in making the decision to choose from a vast variety of rugs designs, styles, and colors. For making such a difficult decision, here are several important keys to consider.

  • Color

Color is always an important factor in choosing such items. You must have to choose a color in rugs which harmonize with the furniture or walls color. It totally depends upon the color you like or your background theme. You should avoid such colors which affect your mind and eyes and later you start hating them.

  • Rug Size

Whenever you go to choose area rugs, you need to consider size for distinguished spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. A small size rug is not good for an average-sized room and the gap between wall and rug must be enough to give a classy look rather giving a cheap look. Furniture legs must be on the rug or you can fill the entire room.

  • Rug Style

Area rugs are highly versatile in styles for decoration purposes. Before you decide, carefully look at the styles and think about what atmosphere you want to develop in your space. If your house is of textured background then you should select a floral or textured design otherwise you can select plain as well. It is totally up to you for selecting the best.

  • Rug Patterns

You should consider a patterned rug if your background is patterned. Many people choose solid colors for bold looks but blends of patterned and solid colored rugs give an extraordinary look to space. Patterns must be eye-catching and harmonize with other items.

  • Durability

You must have to choose rugs which are made up of strong fibers. They must stand with heavy wear and tear with little maintenance requirements. Mostly high and tight piles are good to use because they are made up of strong fibers which can stand heavy stress while low pile cannot. You must choose a rug which can stay for a long time and you do not need them to replace at short notices.

  • Maintenance requirements

When you are searching for rugs, you should keep in mind that you have to select an option of little maintenance requirements and little expenditures. How much can you put into their maintenance is an important key to choose rugs. They must be easy to clean and must not be damaged when exposed to sunlight. Flatweave is a better option.

  • Affordable

They must be of affordable prices. If you are choosing a rug that is highly patterned and styled but its price is putting pressure on your pocket then how would you manage? I think, they must meet your needs in your pocket range.

Clare Louise