How to Tackle Rubbish Removal in Bolton

 How to Tackle Rubbish Removal in Bolton

Whether you’re working on a commercial or domestic project that involves the creation of a great deal of waste, deciding what to do with that rubbish can be something of a headache.

Of course, the most desirable approach would always be to get it all out of the way in one go, so that it does not pose a health and safety hazard or an obstruction – plus, most people would prefer not to have to handle the complex, dirty and often lengthy job themselves.

Here are a few ways in which Bolton residents and business owners might consider getting rid of large amounts of rubbish.

Pay a Visit to the Tip

This option is ideal for smaller amounts of items – as driving back and forth can be time consuming, stressful and bad for the environment when you consider the fuel used and the exhaust fumes being emitted with each trip.

Generally, tips are for household waste only – and queues for these sites can get pretty long – so this option may not always be the most practical.

Call the Council

Most local councils provide a waste collection service for specific pieces of large or potentially hazardous waste such as old sofas, electricals and other similar items.

You may also be able to use a trade waste collection service that is also provided by your council. However, the fees for both domestic and trade waste collection can get pretty steep – and most councils can only collect a few items at a time.

Use a Commercial Waste Removal Service

There are a few specialist companies that make a living out of removing commercial waste – with some even offering highly specialised services.

This is a great option if you produce a great deal of hazardous or complex waste that cannot be taken to a tip, put in a skip or collected by the council. However, the expertise and levels of training required by these service providers can often get prohibitively expensive.

Use a Bolton Skip Hire Service

Lostock Skips offer expert, affordable skip hire in Bolton and the surrounding areas. All you need to do is get in touch with us – with very little notice required – and you’ll be able to hire a waste container in a size of your choice.

Sizes range from 2 to 40 cubic yards, with prices starting at £120. You can even ask us to apply for a roadside skip permit from the local council on your behalf.

We’ll deliver your skip, and you’ll be able to keep it for up to three weeks with just the one payment. Once you’re done with it, call us and we’ll remove it straight away.

Not only is the process quick, clean and practical, but it’s also highly sustainable. Upon receipt of your waste, we separate it into categories determined by how it could be recycled or safely disposed of. Our aim is to reduce the amount going to landfill as much as we possibly can.

Skip hire is the most practical waste hire option available for most domestic projects and businesses. Get in touch today to find out more.

Danny White