What is a Brake Hose on a Car?

 What is a Brake Hose on a Car?

It is vital that your car’s brakes work perfectly in order to make sure that you and other road users can remain safe at all times. One of the key elements of your braking system – and a component to check regularly – is your set of brake hoses.

But what are brake hoses – or brake lines – and why are they so important?

BrakeQuip has been providing motorcycle and automotive brake lines, power steering and fuel lines throughout the UK for a number of years – becoming the country’s leading supplier in the process. 

In this article, the specialists at BrakeQuip explain a little about the function and importance of brake hoses.

Brake Hoses – the Basics

All hydraulic braking systems have either stainless steel or rubber brake hoses.

These components enable the braking system to transfer hydraulic pressure from the brake pedals to the brake pads on the wheels via the hydraulic fluid inside.

In simple terms, when you put your foot down on the brake, the pressure you apply travels down through the brake hose and is effectively applied to the pads, slowing or stopping the car.

This system relies on your hoses being perfectly sealed and undamaged. Bulges or splits will cause a loss of pressure, rendering your brakes far less effective and – in the worst case – stopping them from working altogether.

For this reason, brake hoses need to be carefully maintained – and should be replaced as soon as damage is spotted.

It is also recommended that these components are replaced as a matter of course every six years or so to counteract wear and tear.

Types of Brake Hose

Rubber brake hoses come as standard on most vehicles. High quality brake lines of this kind are highly flexible and durable, and will stand the test of time.

The alternative is to invest in stainless steel brake lines. These components are even more durable, and many drivers claim that they improve a vehicle’s handling – often simply by increasing levels of confidence in the power and durability of the braking system.

One of the main benefits of stainless steel braided hoses is that these products are available in a range of colours to match a vehicle’s paintwork – meaning they are often chosen for aesthetic as well as practical purposes.

How to Get New Brake Hoses

If you need to change or upgrade your brake hoses, all you need to do is to find a BrakeQuip dealer near you. These specialists can fabricate brand new hoses on-site, specially designed to fit your vehicle.

You can use our handy map to find your local provider.

BrakeQuip also specialises in the manufacture and supply of power steering hoses, fuel lines in their fittings.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BrakeQuip team with any questions you may have. Simply use our online contact form to inform us of your query and we’ll get back to you with answers as quickly as possible.

Paul Petersen