Learning The Different Applications Of The Plasma System In Various Industries

The introduction of plasma technology has been gradually dominating many industries and businesses. The plasma system is very convenient to use and integrates inline processes. Through the discovery of plasma technology, plasma system and treatment is now becoming practical and beneficial for different practices and almost all areas of industries, including consumer goods, transport, textile manufacturing, medical technology and life sciences, packaging technology, automobile engineering, and other forms of energy and technology.Since the American chemist, physicist, and engineer Irving Langmuir discovered plasma technology in 1928, the plasma system is now becoming handier in terms of different applications, such as the following:


Using a plasma system for plastics is best for automotive, medical and sciences, packaging, and many other industries, as the plasma treatment can help with the low-surface tensions of plastics. The plasma system aims to help make the surfaces receptive to connecting with adhesives, inks, and coatings.


The plasma system and technology can also be the secret to successful ink adhesion. Some materials and surfaces have minimum adhesion requirements that you need to meet, such as pad-printing, ink-jet, flexographic, screen printing, or gravure.


The atmospheric plasma system and treatment work best for flexible packaging. Your business can significantly improve or make a massive difference in ink adhesion on polyester-based structures and other surface treatment systems through plasma technology.


The discovery of the plasma system can also benefit the automotive industry. A plasma system is one of the green, eco-friendly technologies that can help improve automotive businesses by reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing performance without spending hefty amounts on hazardous primers and chemicals.


Using a plasma system and treatment can also benefit wire and cable markings. The plasma technology promotes good bonding between inks, coatings, and adhesives, increasing the quantity and quality of wire and cable markers and providing high-quality ink abrasion, plasma adhesion, and smudge resistance.


The plasma system can also run on battery technology. The plasma system can significantly increase the efficiency of the battery cell’s longevity, life, and holding power.


Lastly, the plasma technology and system can operate on RFID tags. RFID industries utilise the plasma system to ensure the adhesion of RFID inlay to the film, markers, or paper label layers. The plasma technology is best for cleaning foil debris or conductive ink from the chip site, clearing the signals with antenna leads.These are just some of the many applications for the plasma system and technology, which can be the solution for various industrial pre-treatment applications.Keen to learn more about the plasma system? Visit Voltrium Systems today to get informed about plasma technology!

Clare Louise