Best Practices To Ensure Your Nikki Sweet Items Last Longer

 Best Practices To Ensure Your Nikki Sweet Items Last Longer

Wash active wear after every use

Even if you’re only wearing an item once, it’s good to wash it afterward so that any sweat or grime doesn’t build up on your clothes. Washing clothes after every use can help to keep them in good condition and protect them from smells and impurities that could cause damage.

Sneakers can usually be machine washed

Please check with the manufacturer of your sneakers to confirm that they can go in the washer.  Many sport sneakers cannot be machine washed.  It’s an easier bet that kids sneakers can go in the washer. Those sneakers that can be washed can often times go into the dryer provided you don’t mind the clanging noise as they tumble.

Washing T-shirts and tank tops

Washing your Nikki Sweet t-shirts and tanks will once again depend on personal preference and what you’ve been doing in them during the day.  This will vary from a single wearing to two or three.

Workout Clothes

Wash your workout clothes after every exercise session.  There are detergents specifically made for workout clothes and some of the regular detergents include odor busters to keep them fresh.  Fabric sheets and fabric softeners are usually not a good addition for these fabrics and they tend to last longer if kept out of the dryer or if necessary at a very low temperature so that they maintain their elasticity.

Wash wool clothing after 1-3 wearings

Checking the label of your Nikki Sweet wool pieces is key.  Once you’ve done that you’ll know if you can wash them or not.  Wool can be tricky to wash so try using one of the great wool and cashmere sprays on the market to prolong the freshness of your garments. Try turning your woolens or cashmere inside out after wearing to air them out.  There are also detergents made specifically for wool and cashmere if you go down that road.  You will want to test a small less noticeable part of the garment before washing the whole thing.   It’s a good idea to ask the salesperson about laundering your new wool sweater.  If they don’t know they may be able to ask customer support for you.

Clare Louise