Octopus – Android Gamepad mapper

 Octopus – Android Gamepad mapper

Android Games have come long way. Now you can play PC or triple a like games on your mobile phones. Many use their phone to play games than using a gaming PC. So, you will see more and more awesome games released to phones like COD, PUBG, FORTNITE and many more. You can use mouse and keyboard instead of using on screen controls to play Android games. In order to be more competitive on battle royale games like PUBG,clash royale, you can use gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

There are many Android apps that map on screen controls of a game to an external peripheral. Among them Octopus apk is the best. If you are unable to download this app using Google Play Store you can use AC Market. AC Market has almost all the play store apps and games for free. AC Market is one of the best trending play store alternatives. Just download and install it. No registration or login required. There you can find mods. Which is the most popular category. There you will be able to find ad free versions, Unlocked features and many more for free.

Features Octopus

  • Support
    Support all most all the Android games. So, you will be able to map your favorite game to external peripheral using this app.
  • Compatibility
    There are many peripherals you can use to play games. This app support keyboards and mouse. Other than those two major devices it supports Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer and many more. So, you don’t have to be worry about peripheral compatibility.
  • Already keys are mapped.
    This app comes with already mapped on screen controls to peripherals. Currently has presets for more than 30 games. That count will increase in future. So, no need to waste you time mapping those game controls to gamepad or any other device.
  • Highly customizable
    This app allows you to map your own keymap. Has more than 20 various control components to power up your gaming experience.
  • Screen Recorder
    This app comes with in-built game recorder. No need to run another app to record screen while playing games. Running another app will cause game performance. So, having a game recorder will help to run games smoothly while recording.
  • RAM cleaning
    You can clean your RAM using this app. This help for smooth gaming running.
  • Calibration
    If you have any odd or un supported gamepad then this feature is for you. You can calibrate your unsupported gamepad using this feature.

Octopus pro has some pro features. For an ordinary Android game player, free version is more than enough. Octopus gaming studio offer this app. Make sure to download latest version of this app. Because this app receive update to ensure smooth gameplay and support for newer gamepads and games.

Clare Louise