PTA Fundraising Activities you can Try During Fall Season

 PTA Fundraising Activities you can Try During Fall Season

Nowadays, many schools in the United States experience scarcity of funds for the development of school resources. These facilities are essential because it serves as the primary foundation to develop our kids’ talent and become more competitive and ready for the future.

Hence, PTA or Parents and Teacher Association is founded in each school to solve this kind of issue. PTA has been created to produce different types of fundraising ideas to have a passive cash flow. The money collected from different fundraising activities will be used for the upgrading of school facilities. Some of this idea includes:

  • Expansion of school gymnasium for the convenience of everyone
  • Purchase additional gym equipment sets to create a more efficient workout and
  • Repair or complete replacement of damaged musical instruments of art class

Some people believe that fall is the perfect time to organize different kinds of fundraising events. This season gives cold weather, which is great for various outdoor activities; it also improves the mood of everyone. For this reason, PTA members are eager to support their non-profit organization, whether it is for your school or much likely, for individual volunteers.

Today, we are going to discuss different types of PTA fundraising ideas that you can execute with your group. It’s excellent, simple, and secure; everyone in your community will love it. You will collect enough funds for your non-profit organization.  To learn more about the best fundraising methods, you can check out Fundraising Zone.

PTA Fundraising Activities During Fall

1.Rake-a-thon Activity for your Community

During the fall season, too many leaves start to fall out from the trees going to our backyard, giving us a headache for cleaning. Take this opportunity to create a rake-a-thon activity. It will benefit both your community and, at the same time, raising funds for your non-profit organization.

First, inform your PTA team to spread the upcoming event to your community. Make sure this event will be scheduled during the weekend so that every member of the city is present. Next, gather a group of volunteers that will execute the rake cleaning activity. Also, prepare the cleaning materials such as trash bags, a rake, and a pair of gloves. After that, you can now start the event.

To raise some donations, you can charge a considerable amount for every house that requires a rake-leaves service. You can either charge a flat rate fee or just let them decide how much they will donate for the said charity event.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You can raise monetary funds for your school and, at the same time, provide a good quality of service to the community.

  1. Organize a Check Out Charity Event

Nowadays, check out charity strategies are becoming more popular due to their low maintenance characteristics. To perform this type of campaign, coordinate with any local business, mainly retail shops or hotels. Next, ask if they can collect some donations from their customers. Explain to them that the managed funds will go straight to your non-profit group.

To make things even more interesting, you can add creative ideas like; inserting some fall season effect to your donor cards. For instance, you can print some donor cards that are shaped like fancy leaves. The business unit can hang donor cards through their wall for recognition when someone inputs donations during their transaction.

  1. Chili Cook-Off Competition

Try to host a chili cook-off competition during the fall season. This event will complement very well since the fall provides a cold temperature.

You can raise funds in different ways during this event by:

  • Charging admission fees for those who want to participate in the chili cook-off
  • Sell tickets for public viewing
  • Sell chili products or the finish cuisines made by the participants

Prepare a cool prize for your grand champion and let the guest decide for their people’s champ.

  1. Prepare a Haunted House Event

Halloween events like creating a haunted house is a widespread activity in fall. It would be best if you searched for a big venue to accommodate everyone. By selling entrance fee tickets, you can gain some funds for your school charity.

Final Thoughts

Raising a fund to collect donations for your non-profit association is quite a challenging one. But if you have a good and strong PTA team that is very supportive and dedicated to their work, you can quickly achieve any target goal for your school needs.

If you want to raise some money effectively, you can use the ideas as mentioned earlier. However, if you desire to maximize your total cash flow, roll them all together in one charity fall festival. In this way, people are more open to giving money for your cause if they feel that they will receive a total entertainment fun experience. Find out about the benefits of using a non-profit structure.

Robert Desauza