The Perfect Jeep Rental Deals for You

 The Perfect Jeep Rental Deals for You

To lease a vehicle in USA, the minimum age is usually 22 years. Before the trip, it is necessary to obtain the international driver’s license. Although leasing operators – and also the local police – generally accept national licenses, difficulties could arise in relation to insurance in the event of an accident. Therefore, the recommendation is to have both licenses.

On the other hand, it is necessary to leave as the guarantee, an international jeep with a minimum available credit of approximately 800 Euros. The jeep must be in the name of the driver of the vehicle. For the proper Jeep rental  this is important.

If you want to return the jeep in a place other than the lease, you must consider an additional payment called drop off. You can check this value in our Rate Calculator. In general, the prices of our operators include unlimited mileage, insurance (with or without deductible) and local taxes (VAT). They also incorporate a 24-hour emergency service, advice in the case of loaves and crane service in sectors near the capital and / or leasing office. For more information, read the general insurance conditions that will be sent to you when requesting an offer.

To cross the border into Argentina, you must obtain the corresponding permit and pay for the notarial procedure and insurance. Prices change according to each operator.

An important information to keep in mind when using the leased vehicle, jeep or camper, is not to leave personal documents or valuables unsupervised inside the vehicle for any reason, whether in a parking lot or another place.

Model Choice

Along with the number of passengers and comfort levels that each person requires, the choice of a vehicle will depend on the travel destination:

For those who only want to visit tourist centers, a small or medium jeep will suffice

Those who seek to visit national parks in the Cordillera area or whose destination is remote areas, should, if possible, choose a simple all-terrain vehicle (Pickup 4×2) high enough, since in many cases The paths to these types of places are gravel roads and full of holes.

  • For expeditions in uninhabited regions and away from regularly traveled roads (for example, access routes to mountain climbing start points) and in high-rise areas, a double-traction vehicle (Pickup or Jeep 4×4) is recommended. This type of vehicles is notoriously more expensive than 4×2.
  • For long trips on gravel roads, we usually recommend choosing a van instead of a jeep. The vans are more stable, firm and easier to handle than a jeep. This choice does not imply giving up comfort. The best truck models have large cabins (4 doors), armchairs and air conditioning. With a dome or a tarp (both with additional payment and not available in all operators), you can protect your luggage from the rain and avoid a little dust. If you consider it necessary, ask to have the jeep equipped with a second spare wheel and a fuel reserve canister – both can be very useful on long trips through regions far from inhabited centers.

Paul Petersen