Transform your Rooftop and Patio Spaces with Artificial Turf

 Transform your Rooftop and Patio Spaces with Artificial Turf

When looking to redesign outdoor spaces, we typically don’t consider artificial turf. The thought behind artificial turf is limited to our front yard lawns for their functionality. However, artificial turf can also have benefits when applied to smaller spaces, such as patios and rooftops. It’s not only functional but also very visually appealing. Here are 4 ways artificial turf can transform your rooftop and patio spaces.

1. Design a Rooftop Garden with Artificial Turf

For those city dwellers who long to create a garden on their rooftops, artificial turf can be the solution to making your garden aesthetic a reality. Grass certainly completes a garden with various types of plants, but maintaining grass in a patio or rooftop area can be a hassle if you take into consideration drainage and the weight of the soil it requires to thrive. Installing artificial grass instead allows you to avoid these maintenance troubles while withstanding extreme weather conditions in both hot and cold climates. Not only that, it is effortlessly beautiful throughout the entire year!

2. Create Unique Visual Appeal

Adding artificial turf to an otherwise unattractive rooftop can add a unique character element to the space. You can choose a specific design to incorporate artificial turf that can enhance the aesthetics of the rooftop area. The options are limitless with an active imagination. No more plain concrete floors or simple wooden panels. You can create a dynamic space with lush artificial grass that forges an area radiating with a charming and relaxing ambiance. Install some artificial turf on your patio or rooftop in away you choose and it will certainly transform the space to create a unique visual appeal.

3. Little Roof Maintenance

When installed on a flat rooftop, artificial turf benefits maintenance by reducing costs that can occur from damage due to water and direct sunlight. On flat roofs, standing water can accumulate causing water spots and your roof deteriorating over time. Because synthetic grass is made of permeable material, it allows for proper drainage of water during wet conditions. In the face of direct sunlight, which can cause your roofing to break down over the course of a few years, artificial turf acts as a shading barrier to protect the surfacing of the roof.

4. Safe Space for Pets and Kids

When kids and pets play outside, they may come in contact with harmful substances such as weed killers, pesticides, and some fertilizers. Replacing your grass with artificial turf will remove the chances of encountering these chemicals. Most artificial grasses made nowadays actually have antibacterial properties that prevent the spread of bacteria and gross germs. Especially for kids who have allergies, artificial turf is non-allergenic which is ideal during peak allergy seasons to ensure their comfort and health while playing. Artificial lawns also provide even surfacing that’s safe for running around, while natural grass can be displaced and creates mounds and holes that kids can trip on. Installing artificial turf for your patio space will allow overall safe playing experience for your pets and children.

When thinking about artificial turf, people never imagine its capability to transform the aesthetics of a rather simple and dull space. It’s not only charming, but it is cost-effective and safe for children and pets. Plus, you would be making positive contributions to overall conservation efforts by cutting down water use. If you’re to get artificial turf on your rooftop or patios, be sure to consult professionals to install it properly. With synthetic grass, you are guaranteed a beautiful and unique element in your living space that is durable for years on end.


Danny White