Where to Install Movable Walls

 Where to Install Movable Walls

AEG Partitions specialises in the manufacture and supply of specialist movable partition walls.

With customisable design features and easy operation, our sliding or concertina walls are ideal for dividing spaces of all shapes, sizes and functions.

If you are planning to make adjustments to your premises or property so that it can host greater numbers of events or meetings, you can avoid the expense and stress of a full renovation or extension by installing movable partitions of this kind.

So where should you place a new feature of this kind in order to make the very most out of everything they offer? In this article, the team of specialists at AEG Partitions will offer some suggestions.

Common Locations for Movable Walls

The movable walls we manufacture are particularly popular in schools, universities, offices, conference and meeting rooms, training areas, hotels and banqueting suites. However, they are suitable for almost any location or premises thanks to their versatility.

Spaces That May Benefit from Movable Walls

One of the most exciting things about the partitions we supply is that they are manufactured in house to match client requirements.

This means that – within certain parameters – we can fabricate bespoke moving walls to suit virtually any space.

It is important to consider the depth of the wall you require, just to ensure that there is sufficient space for power and data supplies. 

Other than that, however, our bespoke design service will work with you, your interior designer, architect and anyone else involved in the project to ensure that we plan and produce the very best partition for your needs.


The designs of our movable walls can be very flexible and can help you make the most of limited space. We are able to manufacture partitions up to 4000mm tall and of almost any length.

Design Features

With a range of different finishes, from sleek white to wood – or even featuring a colour, pattern, image or logo of your choice – you can request a movable wall that works with its surroundings.

With no floor track required, there are no trip hazards or obstacles to wheelchair access when the divide is removed to open up the whole room.

You can even order acoustic movable walls to prevent noise bleed, totally separating a room into two perfectly usable and independently functional spaces.

The Process

It’s easy to begin planning for your very own movable walls.

AEG can manage the entire process, from initial surveys and drawings to delivery, installation and maintenance.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we know just what to do to ensure that you receive the ideal movable wall for any space. We’ll listen closely to your requirements and supply you with the perfect product, manufactured to fit your space perfectly.

For further information about our movable walls and partitions, or to find out more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at AEG Partitions today. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with all of the information, advice and guidance you require.

Danny White