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Tony Abbott’s closest ally urges increase in GST #auspol

Without Nick Michin, Tony Abbott would never have got to be party leader, so his call to broaden and increase the GST is a significant clue to the direction of Coalition policy.

While Labor will try to exploit

Iceland’s frozen economy warmed up by a popular online game that has swept the world

One of few bright spots in the Icelandic economy is the globally popular massively multi-player online game ‘Eve Online.’ It employs 600 people or 0.2% of Iceland’s population. Nearly half a million people play it every day, more than live

SUPER SILK: CEO shocks nation by saying his sector has too many tax lurks

A superannuation CEO says current super tax settings are too low. Why is that so few corporate leaders in Australia engage in Warren Buffett style self-sacrifice arguments?


BIT RICH: Andrew Forrest fighting to stop uranium & sand mining on his family estate

Mining billionaire Twiggy Forrest is doing everything in his power to stop mining under his own much-loved family cattle station Minderoo in Western Australia.

The dispute highlights the sensitivity of competing rights between miners and farmers, an issue that will …

BUBBLE: Is the Australian property market about to crash?

Dispassionate economic analysis suggests the Australian property market is horrifically over-valued, sustained by easy access to finance, all-too frequently facilitated by fibbing and forgery in loan applications. Did we learn nothing from the GFC?

Better Place rival says Thornley’s venture was always doomed

The boss of a rival firm to Evan Thornley’s corporate catastrophe, Better Place, says the strategy was fatally flawed from the get-go:

ChargePoint Australia chief executive James Brown said he couldn’t comment on Better Place’s problems.

“Their business model is

WORD SPREADS LIKE HUMUS: Better Place Australia might be dead but Evan Thornley’s felafel love lives on

As VEXNEWS told you a while ago, Evan Thornley's demise as Better Place global CEO means that Better Place Australia is doomed. The party is well and truly over.

BETTER PLACE DISASTER ZONE: Ex politician turned CEO Evan Thornley boned as losses surge past $600M

The Victorian ALP might consider itself lucky that ex-MP Evan Thornley shunned an offered promotion to the Brumby cabinet in 2009 after the car crash he left behind at Better Place as its Australian and then global CEO. The losses so far are $600M and rising rapidly. The board of the ailing company has sacked him and many fear the hugely loss-making Australian subsidiary will shut.

JAIL THE HIPPY: Green militant Jonathan Moylan’s financial fraud must be punished with full force of the law

The hippy who cost investors millions should be jailed not praised.

Is there no limit to Solomon Lew’s greed?

Billionaire dinosaur retailer Solomon Lew wants the already occasionally unpopular federal government to impose new taxes and massive delay on value shopping mums hunting for bargains on the internet. Is there no limit to the greed of this “greedy ogre”


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