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FACTS NOT FADS: Taking a second look at outsourcing to China

Manufacturing everything in China is having quite serious implications for innovation. And while outsourcing to the cheapest place makes sense, it's increasingly clear to some of the most innovative companies in the world - like the US powerhouse GE - that insourcing from a local manufacturing option they own and control can be a cheaper, vastly superior option.

US to surpass Saudi Arabia as largest oil producer in world by 2017

America’s bouncing back. The International Energy Association says the US will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2017, will be a net exporter of natural gas by 2020 and self-sufficient in energy by 2035.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Why Adele Ferguson should say sorry to a grieving family before packing her desk

One of Fairfax's most respected journalists has disgraced herself with a mistake too big for a grieving family to forgive.

Clive Palmer fully prepared for trouble with Premier Campbell Newman

Those assuming larger than life Clive Palmer is kidding about occasional pronouncements about dinosaur parks or Titanic recreations, should check out this report that shows he’s dead serious about building a dinosaur park at his Coolum resort. He has imported

KFC All-You-Can-Eat buffet inspires envy and glee

There is a KFC with all-you-can buffet in California for $8.99 (children 2-5 years only $2.99, youth 6-12 years $5.99) .…

Greensparty succeeds in influencing Future Fund investment decisions – what could possibly go wrong? #auspol

The Future Fund ought not exist, in our view. It was designed principally to ensure the Commonwealth had enough money to meet its defined benefit superannuation obligations, an objective it could achieve by moving the money into those funds. The

AUSTRALIA’S RICHEST LOSER: Sol Lew’s threats of violence stun Lindsay Fox’s kids

It's been a while since we've had a Sol Lew story, our sources haven't disappointed.

SCREAMING BLUE MURDER: On what planet does chairing a casino prevent involvement in a charity combating depression?

Hysteria about gambling leads some people to say very stupid things.

We love this story…

FOUND: A Sydney real estate agent with a heart of gold….…

Rinehart & Downer join bid to boost ADF pensions

Gina Rinehart wants lower taxes but isn’t shy about demanding an increase to Australian Defence Forces pensions..…


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