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Apple’s switch to HTTPS thwarts Chinese censors

By switching to a secure protocol HTTPS for its App Store, Apple has circumvented China’s online censorship. For now.

Beijing blocks Google

Chinese traffic to Google web services has plummeted, suggesting the government has censored Google during the “election” of new leadership during the 18th Communist Party Congress.

Coalition’s fibre-to-node slammed by ex BT technology czar

It’s a shame fibre-to-the-premises versus fibre-to-the-node has become a party political issue but it has. Those in the know like Peter Cochrane says:

“Fibre to the cabinet is one of the biggest mistakes humanity has made,” he said. “It ties

WANNON PLOT: Secret Greens emails reveal conspiracy to elect Labor in return for Warrnambool refugee processing centre

Secret emails exchanged by Greens party candidates in Victoria's Western District reveal their involvement in a plot to hand the seat of Wannon to the ALP in return for outrageous policy demands, including a mooted refugee processing centre on the former Fletcher Jones site in Warrnambool. You can read the shocking emails in full here, courtesy of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit.

MOBILE MULLAH: Former Taliban official declares his iPhone love

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan once used terror to keep its long-suffering subjects back in the Stone Age. Today, even their former high-ranking officials are enthusiastically adopting the funkiest technology.

LOWER THAN A SNAKE’S BELLY AND TWICE AS SLIMY: Evan blames his kids for choosing $700K salary over party loyalty

If Evan Thornley goes any lower he may well actually hit the Earth's core and be able to use that as an alternate source of energy... today he plumbs new depths by blaming one of his three children for his decision to take the money not the cabinet.

STACKS ON: The growing queue of folks who want to diss Evan Thornley

Australia’s bankrupt email newsletter once ferociously praised millionaire spiv leftiste Evan Thornley. Now that he’s dissed Labor though they seem thoroughly determined to tear him a new one.

Crikey really is shite as our story yesterday on them being hoaxed …

CLASHED: Thornley and his spin-doctors at odds over Israel

Arguably corrupt former Labor MP Evan Thornley's only virtue was that he claimed to support Israel. But not all of his little mates do it seems.

CROOK: Evan Thornley’s life of slime

Rick Wallace’s opus on the life and crimes of Labor’s traitor Evan Thornley is compulsory reading. Words that describe the carnage Thornley left behind: “Seething”, “Damaging”, “End of star candidates”, “Shocked”, “Anger”, “Painful”, “Bulging wallet”, “Non-union labour”, “cut his political …

ROGUE: Thornley is going to a “Better Place”

Evan Thornley continues to make news in Victorian politics for all the wrong reasons. Today's latest installment in the Thornley drama: he's officially resigned, wants massive taxpayer hand-outs to be given to his new company, the name of which he mentioned cryptically to his Labor colleagues when resigning and also has plans to help one of his mates to take up his Parliamentary vacancy.


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