A Homeowner’s Guide To Using Wall Decor Stickers

    A Homeowner’s Guide To Using Wall Decor Stickers

Every homeowner dreams of having a comfortable and well-decorated dwelling. After a long and hard day, they wish to unwind and spend time with the people they care about in an abode that reflects their style and character. The home is where everyone spends most of their time nowadays, too, because of the prevalence of the dangerous coronavirus. Because of the amount of time people spend within the four walls of their abode, they are now making an effort to give their interiors a makeover to keep them looking fresh and engaging. Some householders revamp their spaces by upgrading their furniture, while others bring a splash of colour or a focal point using wall decor like posters, stickers, and photos.

Wall stickers have been around Singapore for years. Shop owners typically use them for signs stuck to their windows, doors, or walls, but adhesive wall decals have now made a home in residential spaces. You can still see them in the tall glass panels and walls of businesses statewide, but you can now purchase wall stickers from paint or wallpaper suppliers to elevate the looks of your lounge, bedroom, kitchen, or even your bathroom.


But is using a wall sticker as decoration for your home better than opting for wallpapers, framed photos, paintings, and other wall decors? The answer will depend on your taste, but wall stickers can let you experience countless perks. They are an affordable, durable, and customisable option for people who think their walls need something attention-grabbing and awe-inspiring. Stickers are also easier to apply than wallpapers because they have a smaller surface area. And if you start to feel tired of looking at the same sticker after years of adhering it onto your walls, you can effortlessly peel it off without wrecking the paint of your interiors.

If you are thinking about using wall decor stickers in your home, you need to keep some things in mind. The following tips will guide you when picking, purchasing, and applying these adhesive decals on your interiors, so make sure to remember them when you are planning on revamping your home with wall stickers:


Pick A Wall

The first step to using a wall sticker as home decoration is to choose a place that needs it the most. Do you have an empty wall behind a sofa? How about a barren wall in your bedroom? Would your kids like it if you put stickers on the ceiling of their room? Deciding where to put your wall decals will help you understand the size and number you need. It will also give you insight into the sticker design or theme you wish to have.


Settle On A Design

After choosing a wall, it is time for you to think about the design of your decals. Almost every sticker and wallpaper supplier in Singapore offers pre-made decorative adhesives and lets customers choose from their collection. But if their styles do not speak to you, opt for their customisable services and create your original drawing or pattern.


Choose An Appropriate Material

Wall stickers in Singapore come in a variety of materials. You can choose between PVC, one-way vision, and transparent options. PVC can be non-woven paper or textile and works well with glass, wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. Meanwhile, one-way vision variants are scratch and UV-resistant. On the other hand, transparent stickers have various textures such as streaks, grains, and irregular patterns.


Find A Supplier

Once you have settled on a design and material, it is time to search for a wallpaper or sticker supplier in Singapore. Take time to scour the internet or visit the city to see your supplier options. Compare the prices, designs, and materials they offer and see if they have what you need.


Ask For A Sample

Before buying anything from a sticker or wallpaper supplier in Singapore, make sure to ask for a sample of the design and material you chose. Check if the print is vibrant and does not contain faded or darkened spots. Moreover, see if the texture you picked matches your tastes and expectations to avoid failed purchases.


Follow Correct Application Procedures

Upon receiving the wall sticker decoration, prep your interiors for the application of your decals. Wipe your walls clean and make sure that there is no dirt on them. Some adhesives stick to uneven surfaces, but most wall stickers are ideal for flat walls. Follow the instructions of your sticker supplier or search for a video tutorial online to guide you when applying your wall decal.


Or Hire An Installer

If the application process of your wall stickers seems too complicated or challenging, you can ask your sticker or wallpaper supplier in Singapore for assistance. You can invite them over to your home and have them install your wall decoration to ensure that it will be free from air bubbles and will not cause shrinkage.


Create A Cleaning Routine

Like every other decor in your home, wall stickers from Singapore need cleaning now and then. Dust it regularly using a broom, dry sponge, or a microfiber cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard to prevent your decal from accidentally coming off. You can also scrub them with warm water and dish soap if the sticker material can resist water.


Remove After Five Years—Or Whenever You Want

Wall sticker decoration typically lasts for up to five years. But you can head to your favourite supplier anytime you want if you wish to have it replaced with something new and fascinating. However, remember that wall stickers are not reusable since their adhesive loses its stickiness after application.


Enjoy Your Decal!

The most vital tip for using wall decor stickers is to have fun admiring the look and feel they add to your interiors. Let it fuel your creativity and inspire you and your family to get up and enjoy the day. Watch it come to life through the imagination of your kids whenever they are playing. You can also use them to bring yourself to a relaxed and focused state whenever you need to finish something important for work.

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Ruth Hill